Bioinformatics, Biostatistics and Epidemiology Research

Pankaj Singh, PhD

Pankaj Singh, PhD

Eppley Institute
Research Focus: Pancreatic and breast cancer metabolism and chemotherapy resistance; metabolomics
Nicholas Woods

Nicholas Woods, PhD

Eppley Institute
Research Focus: Protein interactions associated with signaling pathways; mass spectrometry approaches; identification of novel targets for cancer therapy
Chittibabu (Babu) Guda

Chittibabu (Babu) Guda, PhD

Genetics, Cell Biology & Anatomy
Research Focus: Bioinformatics analysis related to cancer
Jane Meza

Jane Meza, PhD

Research Focus: Statistical issues related to small area estimation; disease mapping
W. Scott Campbbell

W. Scott Campbell, MBA, PhD

Pathology & Microbiology
Research Focus: Representation and computation of clinical data using standardized, reference terminologies and ontologies for use in research and clinical decision support systems development.