Drug Delivery and Treatment Research




Amar Natarajan, PhD

Eppley Institute
Research Focus: Development of chemical probes for protein interactions and novel treatments for cancer; chemical library screening
Joyce Solheim, PhD

Joyce Solheim, PhD

Eppley Institute
Research Focus: Immunology; cancer biology; immunotherapy development
Ashley Wysong

Ashley Wysong, MD

Research Focus: Skin cancer treatment and epidemiology
Mark A. Carlson

Mark A. Carlson, MD, FACS

Research Focus: Development of novel large animal models for tumors including breast, pancreatic and rectal
Hamid Band

Hamid Band, MD, PhD

Eppley Institute
Research Focus: Breast cancer and intracellular trafficking
Angie Rizzino, PhD

Angie Rizzino, PhD

Eppley Institute
Research Focus: Transcription regulation; stem cells
Prakash Radhakrishnan

Prakash Radhakrishnan, PhD

Eppley Institute
Research Focus: glycobiology of pancreatic cancer, autocrine and paracrine cell signaling mechanisms, developing new therapeutics for pancreatic cancer
Grinu Mathew, PhD

Grinu Mathew, PhD

Eppley Institute
Research Focus: Genetic and epigenetic regulation of prostate cancer metastasis
David Oupicky

David Oupicky, PhD

Pharmaceutical Sciences
Research Focus: Design of multifunctional nanoparticles for the treatment of metastatic cancer and inflammatory conditions
Martin Conda-Sheridan

Martin Conda-Sheridan, PhD

Pharmaceutical Sciences
Research Focus: Designing multifunctional biomaterial, and bioactive small molecules for cancer treatment
Jered Garrison

Jered Garrison, PhD

Pharmaceutical Sciences
Research Focus: Targeted molecular imaging and radiotherapeutic agent design, development of cancer specific prodrugs and polymer-based drug delivery systems
Larisa Poluektova

Larisa Poluektova, MD, PhD

Pharmacology & Experimental Neuroscience
Research Focus: HIV-1 Pathogenesis, therapeutics and vaccines, humanized mice for translational research, stem cell transplantation
Kishore Challagundla” width=

Kishore Challagundla, PhD

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Research Focus: Role of exosomes and non-coding RNAs in developing immune therapy resistance in pediatric cancers


DJ Murry” width=

DJ Murry, PharMD

Pharmacy Practice
Research Focus: Incorporation of innovative dosing strategies into Phase I clinical trials, the development and validation of surrogate endpoints in clinical trials, and the use of pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenomics to individualize drug therapy
Chi (Kevin) Zhang

So-Youn Kim, PhD

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Research Focus: Development of treatment approaches to protect the fertility of women who undergo chemotherapy regimens
Chi (Kevin) Zhang

Chi (Kevin) Zhang, MD

Radiation Oncology
Research Focus: Development of novel strategies for delivery of therapies to brain tumors
Paul Trippier

Paul Trippier, PhD

Pharmaceutical Sciences
Research Focus: Small molecule drug discovery for cancer and neurodegenerative disorders, Developing chemical probes to dissect pathways related to disease
Mohd W. (Wasim) Nasser

Mohd W. (Wasim) Nasser, PhD

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Research Focus: Investigating novel therapeutic targets and developing innovative therapeutic strategies for aggressive cancers, metastasis