Research Related to Hematological Malignancies
Shannon Buckley

Shannon Buckley, PhD

Genetics, Cell Biology & Anatomy
Research Focus: Hematopoietic stem cells
Dalia ElGamal

Dalia ElGamal, PhD

Eppley Institute
Research Focus: Lymphoid malignancies- pathogenesis of B-cell malignancies, evaluating novel targeted therapies for B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Kyle Hewitt

Kyle Hewitt, PhD

Genetics, Cell Biology & Anatomy
Research Focus: Transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms that cause hematologic disorders
Sarah Holstein

Sarah Holstein, MD, PhD

Internal Medicine
Research Focus: Clinical, translational, and basic science research in multiple myeloma with an emphasis on the development of novel therapeutic agents
Kate Hyde

Kate Hyde, PhD

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Research Focus: Acute myeloid leukemia
Javeed Iqbal

Javeed Iqbal, PhD

Pathology & Microbiology
Research Focus: Lymphoma
Hamid Band

Hamid Band, MD, PhD

Eppley Institute
Research Focus: Breast cancer and intracellular trafficking
Corey Hopkins

Corey Hopkins, PhD

Pharmaceutical Sciences
Research Focus: Design, synthesis and optimization of biologically active small molecules as in vivo probes, drug discovery lead compounds and preclinical candidates