Structural Biology & Molecular Biophysics

Gloria Borgstahl

Gloria Borgstahl, PhD

Eppley Institute
Research Focus: Drug discovery in cancer and structural biology of DNA repair complexes
Luis Marky

Luis Marky, PhD

Pharmaceutical Sciences
Research Focus: Biophysical studies of DNA
Tahir Tahirov

Tahir Tahirov, PhD

Eppley Institute
Research Focus: Structural biology/X-ray crystallography
Yuri Lyubchenko

Yuri Lyubchenko, Ph. D., Dr.Sc.

Pharmaceutical Sciences
Research Focus: Protein and DNA structure/ Atomic force microscopy
 Paul Sorgen, PhD


Paul Sorgen, PhD

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Research Focus: Structure and regulation of gap junctions/NMR


Amar Natarajan, PhD

Eppley Institute
Research Focus: Development of chemical probes for protein interactions and novel treatments for cancer; chemical library screening
Bin Duan

Bin Duan, PhD

Internal Medicine
Research Focus: 3D biomimetic models to mimic the cancer microenvironment, study mechanisms, and screen potential therapeutics
Piero Bianco

Piero Bianco, PhD

Pharmaceutical Sciences
Research Focus: Homologous recombination and DNA repair using E.coli as the model system, Single-molecule studies of recombinational repair enzymes