Lab Members

Laboratory Members

Post-Doctoral Research Associates

     Mario Fernandez  

Dr. Mario Fernandez

Research Interests:  Determining how KSR1 localization dictates function. The role of KSR1 in colon cancer cell metabolism.

Lili Guo

Dr. Lili Guo

Research Interests:  The Role of KSR2 in Adipocyte Differentiation.

Research Technicians

Diane Costanzo-Garvey Diane Costanzo-Garvey
Deandra Smith Deandra Smith

Graduate Students

Binita Das Binita Das
Cancer Research Graduate Program
Research Interests:  The Role of PGC1α/β and ERRα in Ras-induced Tumorigenesis of Colon Cells.
Drew Gehring Drew Gehring
Cancer Research Graduate Program
Research Interests:  Characterization of KSR1-like Effectors Regulated by Oncogenic Ras in Colon Cancer Cells. 
Robert Livergood Robert Livergood
Cancer Research Graduate Program 
 The Role of KSR1 in Colon Cancer Metastasis.
Jamie McCall Jamie McCall
Cancer Research Graduate Program 
Research Interests: Effects of KSR1 ubiquitination on its function.
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