Supporting Instrumentation
POLARstar Optima Plate Reader

POLARstar Optima Plate Reader

  • Cell Based Assays- (proliferation, viability, apoptosis, cAMP and Ca+ levels)
  • Biomolecular Interaction Assays- (FRET, BRET, receptor-ligand, DNA-protein)
  • Enzyme Activity Assays- (kinase, caspase, protease)
  • Reporter Gene Assays- (luciferase, GFP)
Luminex LX200 Analyzer

Luminex LX200 Analyzer

  • Microsphere-based multiplexing system
  • Protein expression profiling
    • Cancer markers
    • Cytokine, chemokine, and growth factors
    • Metabolic markers
    • Endocrine markers
    • Transcription factors/Nuclear receptors
  • Gene expression/miRNA profiling
ABgne ALPS-300 Plate Sealer

ABgene ALPS-300Plate Sealer

ELx405 Select Deep Well Washer

ELx405 Select Deep Well Washer

Barcode Labeler

Velocity 11 VCode labeler

Microdrop Cell Dispenser

Thermo Electron Microdrop Microplate Dispenser

Multidrop Combi Dispenser

Thermo Electron Multidrop Microplate Dispenser

Multidrop 384 Dispenser

Thermo Multidrop 384 Dispenser

Cytomat 6000

Cytomat 6000 Automated Incubator

Cytomat 6C

Cytomat 2C automated incubator