The NMR lab provides essential support to various grants of investigators by providing high resolution multi-nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of chemicals in solution, and enables excellent training to students with an interest in NMR.

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NMR Lab Statistics

Location: ESH 1009, 1011

Lab Manager: ESH 1015

Area: 750 Sq. Ft.

Key Pieces of Equipment:

600, 500 and 400 MHz Spectrometers

Number of Support Staff: 1

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A Spectrometer: Bruker Avance-III HD 500 MHz NMR spectrometer with two radio frequency (RF) channels (plus 2H lock) and a 5 mm Z-axis pulse-field gradient (PFG) broad-band tunable probe installed. Spectrometer has an automatic sample changer for high through put and ease of operation. Varian INOVA 500-MHz NMR spectrometer

Spectrometer: Bruker Avance-III HD 600 MHz instrument with four RF channels (1H, 13C, 15N, and 2H) and a new z-axis PFG "inverse" triple-resonance cryogenic (cold) probe. In addition there is a 5mm broad band multi-nuclear probe if the cryoprobe is out of service.

Varian INOVA 600-MHz instrument

Spectrometer: Bruker Avance III 400-MHz NMR spectrometer is equipped with a BioSolids Triple Resonance 3.2 mm DVT CPMAS probe, triply tuned for 13C and 15N with 1H cross-polarization for solid sample observation. There is also a 5 mm triple resonance "inverse" (1H, 13C, and 15N) Z-axis PFG probe for liquid sample observation.

Bruker Avance III 400-MHz NMR spectrometer

Computer Workstations: The NMR Lab has one workstation per spectrometer with controlling and analysis software available to the user with one additional standalone workstation strictly for data analysis, all running Topspin 3.2 on a Windows 7 platform. Spectra are automatically transferred to the network server so that data can be accessed remotely.

Computer workstation