Each SPORE is required to include a minimum of 4 translational  research projects, each designed to test the relevance and/or potential importance  of the research to human cancer within the five-year term of the grant.

Project 1

Inhibition of CDK5 as a Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer

Project Leaders:  Michael A. Hollingsworth, PhD., Jean Grem, MD

Project 2

Novel Target(s) in the Radiosensitization of Pancreatic Cancer

Project Leaders:  Surinder Batra, PhD and Chi Lin, MD

Project 3

Novel Strategies for Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

Project Leaders:  Jennifer Black, PhD and Quan Ly, MD

Project 4

Targeting Metabolic Alterations to Improve Survival in Pancreatic Cancer

Project Leaders:  Pankaj Singh, PhD and Jean Grem, MD