Building & Logistics Policy

Vendors and Deliveries

The Events Center must approve all vendors contracted for an event.  The Client is responsible for ensuring that all vendors review and comply with the Events Center policies and facility guidelines.

Vendors must bring their own equipment such as ladders, dollies, hand trucks, and the like.  The Events Center will not loan this type of equipment to the Client or vendor(s).

All deliveries, pick-ups, and decorations/props must be scheduled in advance by the Events Center Coordinator.  Vendors should enter through the loading dock on the southeast side of the building, unless other arrangements have been made.  Items must be picked up the next business day following the event.

Set-up and Breakdown

Set-up times for an event must be coordinated with the Events Center Coordinator.  The final layout for the event is required seven (7) days prior to the event. The Events Center staff reserves the right to reject plans that it deems to be hazardous or otherwise problematic to the safe and proper management of the premises or that affect the presentation of the building.
All linens, glassware, dishes and flatware should be removed from all tables and bars and placed in the kitchen for the rental company to pick up.  All garbage must be removed to the dumpster by the loading dock following the event. 

A final walk-through with Events Center Coordinator is mandatory at the conclusion of the event.  If clean-up of any areas is found to be unsatisfactory, the problem must immediately be resolved to the satisfaction of the Events Center Coordinator. 

If Events Center staff determine that routine cleaning and maintenance is inadequate to return the premises to its prior condition, special maintenance services will be contracted by the Campus Events Center Coordinator and billed to the Client.

Parking Policies/Liability

UNMC provides free parking on its premises.  Please discuss your parking needs at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of the event with the Campus Events Center Coordinator.  Temporary parking assignments for special events are coordinated by the Campus Events Center Coordinator with UNMC Parking Services.  Parking space for the event is not guaranteed. 

UNMC assumes no liability or responsibility for damage to any vehicles parked in or on UNMC parking facilities, nor for injury to any persons using the parking facilities.  No liability or responsibility is assumed for any vehicle and/or owner when it becomes necessary to tow or immobilize any vehicle which is in violation of these parking regulations. 


Announcements and advertisements for event promotional purposes are not permitted prior to the Events Center Coordinator’s approval of the Scheduling Request form.  Once the request is approved and the deposit is received, the Client may use the facility name, Michael F. Sorrell Center for Health Science Education, or the name of the designated space, Dr. Stanley M. and Dorothy Truhlsen Campus Events Center, to announce the location of the event, but may not make claims that UNMC or the Events Center is in any way sponsoring or hosting the event.  The UNMC logo and secondary icon may not be used.

The content of all promotional materials relating to the event are subject to the Event Center Coordinator’s approval.  Such materials must be submitted to the Events Center Coordinator for review and approval before printing.

Media and Photography

If media coverage or photography of the event (either prior to, during, or after) is desired, the Client must indicate this requirement on the Scheduling Request form.  Photography by non-press must be for personal, non-commercial use only and must be approved in advance by the Events Center Coordinator.  Photography is limited to designated event spaces only.


All power may be turned on and off only by Events Center staff.  The Client must submit power requirements and electrical requirements for review as part of logistics planning.  The Events Center does not provide extension cords or other electrical equipment.  Extension cords must be 3-pronged, UL listed. Home extension cords are not permitted.  All cords must be properly managed for safety.  Tape may not be placed on the walls or floors.

ADA compliance

The Events Center is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Capacity and Access 

The number of guests must not exceed the stated capacity of the area designated for the event.  The Events Center will refuse admittance to an event once capacity has been met.  Clients who violate capacity will be held liable for damage, injury, or loss of life sustained as a result of this violation.  Without prior written approval, the Client’s subcontractors and event attendees may not access areas other than those specified on the Scheduling Request form.

Music and Entertainment

The sound level of music or entertainment must be appropriate for the venue.  The Client must provide the musician’s name, affiliation, and expected arrival time.  The Client is also responsible for any applicable licenses for live or recorded music performed during the event, and further agrees to indemnify the Events Center against any liability resulting from lack of compliance.


The Client may not discriminate against or segregate attendees because of race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin, disability, marital status or sexual orientation.  Failure to comply with this policy constitutes grounds for cancellation of the event and forfeiture of any deposit remitted.


UNMC is a tobacco-free campus.  This policy prohibits tobacco use in all indoor and outdoor properties owned and maintained by UNMC, including leased properties as well as parking lots.

Smoking is prohibited in all indoor and outdoor properties maintained by UNMC, including leased and owned properties as well as parking lots.

This policy includes but is not limited to cigarettes, cigars, and pipes.  The policy encompasses all individuals whether they are working, visiting, receiving medical care or whether they are contractors or vendors on UNMC property.  The only exception to the policy will be University-approved research studies involving tobacco use.

Any illegal drug activity will be reported to UNMC Campus Security and the Omaha Police Department.

Guest Services

As a courtesy, the Events Center will provide a coat check area with coat racks.  The Client is responsible for providing personnel to operate the area. 

The Events Center is not responsible for lost or damaged items.  The Events Center cannot provide storage for any items such as gifts, purses or briefcases other than the area designated for coat check.