Success Stories

"The leadership training and interprofessional interactions I have gained through these programs have helped me grow both personally and professionally and seek positions I would not have considered otherwise. It has helped me see the possibilities, while giving me the tools to reach my goals. My interaction with the Administrative Colloquium lead to my position as Chief Clinical Director of Anesthesia, which helped secure my current role as Vice Chair."

Dr. Sheila Ellis — Sheila Ellis, MD
Associate Professor and Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs, Department of Anesthesiology

"Since I took the [Faculty Development Education Scholars Program] course, I've organized an international introductory course in Medical Informatics that is jointly sponsored by The American College of Emergency Physicians and the American Medical Informatics Association."
Dr. Jim McClay — Jim McClay, MD
Associate Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine

"An effective leader motivates a team to achieve their full potential; a person who learns from mistakes, has an ethical foundation, an ability to communicate at all levels, and does not shy away from problems. Leadership development with diverse faculty allowed me the opportunity to examine these critical elements more closely and practice them in a setting with others on the same journey."
Dr. Nizar Wehbi — Nizar Wehbi, MD, MPH, MBA
Assistant Professor, Health Services Research and Administration, College of Public Health