Career Development
Faculty Development Seminars — Fast, easy ways to boost your skills  
Normally held over lunch, these educational seminars and activities cover a wide variety of topics served in small bites — so it's easy for faculty and staff to see the practical applications. See the complete list of upcoming Faculty Development events.
Promotion and Tenure Guidelines — Begin to advance your career  
These guidelines include a list of all policies, procedures and forms for both academic and clinical tracks. We’ve also provided guidelines for creating a teaching portfolio. View overall guidelines and ones for each unit at UNMC.
iLEAD — Leadership program specifically for faculty  
This is a year long, intensive leadership program for faculty. Held every two years, the program uses self-reflection and assessment, hands-on learning and mentorship to cultivate leadership skills that enable participants to positively impact the formal and informal culture at UNMC. Learn about iLEAD.
Mentoring Opportunities — Get help navigating your career path  
Mentoring is a key process to achieving a successful career. Whether you’re looking for a mentor to provide career guidance or want to help others by being a mentee, UNMC offers opportunities for both. Learn about the mentoring program.
Transferable Skills Workshop Series — Learn to enhance skills you can use anywhere  

Transferable Skills Workshop Series are held monthly during the fall and spring semesters, with each session designed to promote development of “soft skills” that are critical for success in virtually every career track. Transferable skills include critical thinking, communication, project management, leadership, and more.

View recordings of past transferable skills workshops.

Interprofessional Academy of Educators — An organization by educators for educators  

The Interprofessional Academy of Educators (IAE) aims to foster a vibrant interprofessional community of educators through faculty development programs, educational scholarship, and the development of innovative curricula. An organization by educators and for educators, the IAE is made up of experienced instructors with a passion for furthering UNMC’s educational mission. 

You can apply to be an academy member or make use of the services they provide. Learn more about IAE.

Grand Rounds — Educational events featuring local or national experts  
Departments and divisions across the campus regularly host educational events featuring local or national experts. These sessions offer a venue for discussing the latest information on health care and public health issues and are generally open to any interested UNMC employee. A list of events can be found on UNMC’s campus calendar.
Teaching and Technology — Seminars and webinars with relevant tips  
The College of Public Health offers regular seminars and webinars regarding teaching and technology tips. The sessions are open to all areas of campus. Contact Analisa McMillan for details.
Technical Training — Get training and consultations in the use of technology  
Information Technology Services (ITS) offers training and consultations in the use of technology for teaching, learning, business, research and university supported initiatives. See what services are offered.
Awards & Recognition — Various ways faculty members can be honored  

UNMC offers awards for teaching excellence, delivering outstanding performance and service to UNMC, as well as research awards. Learn about faculty awards.