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To see all the Faculty Development activities and register for the programs that interest you, visit our calendar of events.

The Office of Faculty Development offers an assortment of different programs every year based on the needs and feedback of our faculty and staff.

Professional Development

Normally held over lunch, these educational seminars and activities cover a wide variety of topics served in small bites — so it's easy for our faculty to see the practical applications. All programs are offered free of charge to UNMC faculty. View the complete calendar of events.

Leadership Development

Leadership development at UNMC has a strong core of interprofessional collaboration. Our newest leadership program, Interprofessional Leadership for Excellence and Academic Development (iLEAD), draws from the roots of UNMC's success to inspire and cultivate the next generation of leaders. Learn about our leadership program.

New Faculty Onboarding

We want our new faculty members to have a successful start — and future — at UNMC. That's why we offer new faculty onboarding events, opportunities for new faculty members to interact with each other and campus leaders, as well as gain useful insights for their career path. In addition, we have various online resources for new faculty.