Additional Resources

Additional Resources

There are a variety of additional resources available to faculty members.

Academic Affairs — room scheduling, interprofessional development, and more  
The Office of Academic Affairs offers a wide range of services for both faculty and students. They can help you with items like room scheduling, interprofessional teaching, or even information on the proper care and protection of animal and human subjects during research.
Academic Services — manages academic appointments, compensation agreements, and more  
The Office of Academic Services manages recruitment and academic appointments; processes new appointments, leaves of absence, adjustments in salaries, retirements, and more; and manages requests for supplemental compensation agreements and submission of most Board of Regents agenda items.
Faculty Senate — governing body empowered to represent UNMC faculty  
The UNMC Faculty Senate is a group of faculty elected from each major academic unit with responsibilities defined by the Bylaws of the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska. The Senate serves as the governing body empowered to represent the UNMC faculty.
Human Resources – Benefits  

UNMC offers an extensive benefits package that includes health, dental, life, disability and long-term care insurance; tuition reimbursement; and retirement accounts.

Insurance coverage is effective on the first day of the month following your date of hire or eligibility. If you start on the first day (or the first working day) of the month, benefits can begin immediately. Learn about all the benefits and sign up today. If you have any questions, please contact the Benefits Office at 402-559-4340 or

Information Technology — Help with all things technology  
The IT department is in charge of the UNMC helpdesk. They offer: training; workstation support; Web services; email, networking and systems support; and research, educational and administrative computing. Learn about the IT resources for faculty.
Interactive E-Learning Program — Get help with your e-learning projects  
The Interactive E-Learning Program at UNMC offers faculty and students the opportunity to create innovative e-modules blended with interactive classroom activities that maximize higher-order thinking. In addition to funding, several resources are available to help you with e-learning project development.
Learning Communities — Networking opportunities and ways to stay involved  
UNMC learning communities offer faculty and staff a plethora of opportunities to get involved on campus. This not only grows your network, but it gives you a voice in leading and shaping the future of UNMC.
McGoogan Library — free literature searches, research collaborators, and more  
The Leon S. McGoogan Health Sciences Library is your first stop for information and research assistance. Thousands of online journals and resources are available on the library’s website. Expert library faculty can assist you with research and education services, which includes a free literature search service and a variety of classes to help you with information retrieval and management.
Mentoring Opportunities — Get help navigating your career path  
Whether you’re looking for a mentor to provide career guidance or want to help others by being a mentee, UNMC offers opportunities for both. Learn about the mentoring program.
Promotion and Tenure — Begin to advance your career  
Begin to advance your career by reviewing the promotion and tenure guidelines, a list of all policies, procedures and forms for both academic and clinical tracks.
Teaching Academy (Interprofessional Academy of Educators)  

The Interprofessional Academy of Educators (IAE) aims to foster a vibrant interprofessional community of educators through faculty development programs, educational scholarship, and the development of innovative curricula. An organization by educators and for educators, the IAE is made up of experienced instructors with a passion for furthering UNMC’s educational mission. 

You can apply to be an academy member or make use of the services they provide. Learn more about IAE.