Active Learning Approaches

Active learning centers around learner engagement, where students interact with the teacher and each other and apply what they are learning during class instead of just listening passively and taking notes.

Some approaches include:

 Interactive Lectures

Top interactive lecture tools and tips for faculty.

Blended Learning

High-tech teaching tools available to faculty at UNMC.



Simulation labs at UNMC.


Additional active learning resources 


Interactive Lectures

Gain ideas on how to make your lectures more interactive by reviewing our interactive lecture tips.


Blended Learning

Blended learning combines interactive opportunities found in classroom teaching with technologically enhanced active learning in online formats.

 whisper-booth Interactive E-Learning Program
The Interactive E-Learning Program at UNMC offers faculty and students the opportunity to create innovative e-modules that are incorporated into the UNMC curriculum. Learn about funding opportunities and get resources to create your own e-module at the Interactive E-Learning Program website.

 "Flipping" a Class

A "flipped" class inverts the typical education process so that students gain knowledge before class and instructors guide students interactively to apply that knowledge during class.




Simulation provides learners with risk-free training environments to practice skills and gain hands-on experience before moving on to real patient situations.

The Davis Global Center is home to iEXCEL, a bold and visionary program at the University of Nebraska Medical Center purposefully designed to transform health professions education and offer unprecedented opportunities for research and development. The Davis Global Center is a highly advanced clinical simulation facility purposefully designed to foster the practice of patient care in highly-functioning and effective interprofessional teams. The Davis Global Center provides realistic replicated health care settings in which teams can practice and experiment safely.

Davis Global Center

The iEXCEL Administrative Office
is located in the Davis Global Center
on 42nd and Emile Street.

Phone: 402-559-2442

4111 Emile St.
Omaha, NE 68105

Active Learning Resources

If you want to learn more about active learning, here are some additional resources for you:

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