Workforce Analysis

Ensuring access to health care in rural communities has been a long-standing challenge for state and federal policymakers, including within Nebraska.

To inform initiatives and policies to address these challenges, timely and accurate data on the healthcare workforce in the state are needed. The rapidly changing healthcare system has resulted in substantial changes in state and federal health policies, economic growth, demographics, population health, and many other factors that have likely impacted the evolution and distribution of the healthcare workforce across Nebraska. Therefore, the AHEC-supported report utilizes recent data to provide an updated analysis of Nebraska’s health professionals, and identify counties within Nebraska that are experiencing shortages of these professionals.

To ensure current data is available to inform workforce-related initiatives, program planning, and policy development, AHEC is committed to supporting regular and systematic reporting on the distribution of Nebraska’s healthcare workforce.

Workforce Report Cover

The Status of Healthcare Workforce in the State of Nebraska: Update 2020

The Status of Healthcare Workforce in the State of Nebraska: 2018