Faculty Development

Join us the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 7:00 – 7:45 am in the Family Medicine Conference Room.

Application for CME credit (for physically being at presentation) has been filed with the American Academy of Family Physicians. Determination of credit is pending.

Past Programs

4/20/22   "Direct Observation" by Anne Marie Kennedy, DO
3/16/22   "Outpatient Precepting Part 3" by Jason Meredith, MD
2/16/22   "Outpatient Precepting Part 2" by Jason Meredith, MD
1/19/22   "Outpatient Precepting Part 1" by Jason Meredith, MD
11/17/21   "Small Group Teaching" by Sara DeSpain, MD
10/20/21   "From Fatigue to Frustration to Finding your 'Flow'" by Steven Wengel, MD and Jessica Koran-Scholl, PhD
9/15/21   "Promotion and Tenure" by Jeff Harrison, MD
8/18/21   "The Art and Science of Writing an Effective Letter of Recommendation" by Jason Meredith, MD
7/21/21   "Alertness Management and Fatigue Mitigation" by Mindy Lacey, MD
2/17/21   "Teaching Procedures" by Dillon Savard, MD, FAAFP
1/20/21   "E/M Coding: Review of Updated 2021 Guidelines" by Aaron Lanik, MD
11/18/20   "Inpatient Management of COVID-19" by Chris Snyder, MD
10/21/20   "Adapting Medical Education During a Global Pandemic" by Sue Evans, MD, Hannah Christiansen, MD, and Jason Meredith, MD
9/16/20     "A Health Equity Primer for Primary Care" by Andrea Jones, MD, and Melanie Menning, MD
8/19/20    "Residency Recruitment Roundtable" by Kim Jarzynka, MD, Aaron Lanik, MD, and Jason Meredith, MD
7/17/20   "Alertness Management & Fatigue Mitigation" by Mindy Lacey, MD, and Kim Jarzynka, MD
6/17/20   "What is Scholarly Activity?" by Jenenne Geske, PhD
5/20/20   "The Enervation of Insight" by Kevin Sisk, DO, FAAFP
3/18/20   COVID-19 Updates by Jeff Harrison, MD
2/19/20   "The Extra in Extraordinary Teaching" by Kerin Misiunas, MBA
1/15/20   "Small Group Teaching in Medical Education" by Jason Meredith, MD
11/20/19   "Active Learning: No Additional Technology Required" by Jason Meredith, MD
8/21/19   "A Beginner's Guide to Research Using Electronic Health Record Data" by Jenenne Geske, Ph.D
7/17/19     "Alertness Management and Fatigue Mitigation" by Mindy Lacey, M.D, and Kim Jarzynka, MD
5/15/19   "Tips for Enhancing Scholarly Activity" by Jenenne Geske, Ph.D, and Birgit Khandalavala, MD
4/17/19   "E-Learning Engaging and Interactive" by Peggy Moore, MSEd
1/16/19   "Educational Program Development Part 3" by Jason Meredith, MD, and Kevin Sisk, DO
12/19/18   "Surviving the Holiday Blues" by Jonathon Sikorski, Ph.D, and Steve Wengel, MD
11/14/18   "Educational Program Development Part 2" by Jason Meredith, MD and Kevin Sisk, DO
10/17/18    "Introduction to Educational Program Development" by Jason Meredith, MD, CAQSM, FAAFP, and Kevin Sisk, DO
9/19/18   "Dealing with Challenging Learners" by Kim Jarzynka, MD
8/15/18   "Incorporating Cognitive Error Training into Residency" by Tracy Nelson, MD
7/18/18   "Writing a Helpful Letter of Recommendation" by Jeff Harrison, MD
6/20/18   "Utilizing Electronic Resources for Clinical Teaching" by Kim Jarzynka, MD and Jenenne Geske, Ph.D
5/16/18   "National Presentations: Tips and tricks to get scholarly activity recognized" by Birgit Khandalavala, MD, Jessica Koran-Scholl, Ph.D, Liliana Bronner, M.H.S.A., MBA, and Sue Evans, MD
4/19/18   "Clinician Burnout: How do we accomplish the 4th aim?" by Steve Wengel, MD
2/21/18   "ABC's of IRB" by Audrey Paulman, MD, M.M.M. and Birgit Khandalavala, MD
1/17/18   "Poster Workshop" by Jenenne Geske, Ph.D
1/17/18   "Getting Promoted" by Paul Paulman, MD
12/20/17   "Sustaining Your Calling" by Michael Sitorius, MD
11/15/17   "Effectively Evaluating Learners" by Kim Jarzynka, MD
10/18/17   "Giving Effective Feedback" by Kim Jarzynka, MD
9/20/17   "Precepting Refresher" by Kim Jarzynka, MD, and Jeff Harrison, MD
8/16/17   "Alertness Management & Fatigue Mitigation" by Mindy Lacey, MD
7/19/17   "Burnout, Balance, and Appreciation" by Jessica Koran-Scholl, PhD, and Justin Reed, MA, PLMHP
6/21/17   "Title IX and ADA" by Jeff Hill, MD, and Alan Erickson, MD
5/17/17   "Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts: Communicating Respectfully in a Diverse World" by Linda Cunningham, MPA
4/19/17   "New ACGME Part IV Common Program Requirements" by Kimberly Jarzynka, MD
3/29/17   4th Annual Resident Research Symposium
3/15/17   "Crucial Conversations: Truth or Consequences" by Susan Smith, RN, BS, CEAP; UNMC House Officer Assistance Program Manager
1/18/17   "Balint" by Jessica Koran-Scholl, PhD
12/21/16   "Advising Students Effectively - Enhancing Faculty/Student Dialogue" by Dave Carver, PhD
11/16/16   "Professionalism" by Mark Goodwin, MD
10/19/16    "Turning Your Work into Scholarly Activity - Part 2" by Jenenne Geske, PhD, & Birgit Khandalavala, MBBS
9/21/16   "Turning Your Work into Scholarly Activity" by Jenenne Geske, PhD, & Birgit Khandalavala, MBBS
8/17/16   "Teaching Procedures" by Dillon Savard, MD
7/20/16   "Training the Physicians of Tomorrow - Our Role in the UNMC College of Medicine Curriculum Redesign Project" by Jim Medder, MD, MPH, Mindy Lacey, MD, and Kim Jarzynka, MD
6/22/16   "Understanding CLER (Clinical Learning Environment Review) and the 2016 CLER Report" by Kimberly Jarzynka, MD and Heidi Gaddey, MD.
5/25/16   "Resident Wellness" by Maria McGee, MD
4/27/16   "Writing a Valuable Letter of Recommendation" by Jeff Harrison, MD
3/30/16   3rd Annual Resident Research Symposium
2/24/16   "Quality Improvement for Dummies" by Timothy Coker, MD
1/27/16   "Tips and Tricks for Making an Academic Poster" by Jenenne Geske, PhD
11/18/15   "UNMC Interprofessional Academy of Educators - Supporting our Teachers from the Clinic to the Classroom" by Howard Liu, MD
10/28/15   "Team-Based Learning" by Timothy Coker, MD