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If you are a medical student or active duty USAF physician interested in applying for a first or second-year resident position, we welcome you to interview with our faculty and chief residents. Please communicate with us by clicking on the link below. An interview in-person is preferred, but we can accommodate a telephone conference if needed. Medical Students who do a clerkship with us have the opportunity to interview during their time here. If you are unable to do a clerkship with us, but are still interested in applying for a resident position, please contact us.

If you are an active duty USAF family physician or psychologist, who has a desire to teach, and is interested in applying for a residency faculty position, please contact us by clicking on the link below. We prefer to interview prospective faculty in-person. However, we can make other interview arrangements such as telephone conference calls if needed.

Residency Coordinator's Contact Information:
Phone: 402-294-9270 or DSN 271-9270
Fax: 402-294-9271 or DSN 271-9271