Student Research

Training at two academic/professional levels is integral to FM Research.

Medical Student Summer Research Program

This program, designed for incoming UNMC M1s and M2s, provides students within the College of Medicine the opportunity to enhance their ability to seek out information and to analyze and apply it to the solution of a defined problem. The student will spend 8-10 weeks in their research endeavor and is expected to spend a significant number of hours (40/week) in the laboratory.

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Research Elective
4 Credit Hours

The student may select a project in which he is particularly interested and with the approval of the faculty, may pursue this project intensively for four weeks. Such projects might be concerned with the delivery of health care or with the value of screening procedures. Faculty advice will be given and the research project will be structured.

For any questions regarding research in Family Medicine, please contact Dr. Jenenne Geske (