Community Health Center Track

The cornerstone of the Community Health Center Residency Track is One World Community Health Center. This busy, independent Federally Qualified Health Center was established in 1970 and during that time it has earned the respect of the community. It consists of 13 clinical sites with continued plans for expansion. 

Our residency clinic is based out of our main campus at the Livestock Exchange Center in the heart of South Omaha. Our mission is to provide culturally respectful, quality health care in an atmosphere that fosters human dignity with an emphasis on community and population health and health equity.

On average, OneWorld serves approximately 50,000 unique patients per year. Fifty percent of our patients lack health insurance. The vast majority of our patients speak a language other than English as their primary language which the largest proportion (70%) speaking Spanish. We additionally serve large refugee populations from Burma and Bhutan. We provide cradle-to-grave care for a broad cross-section of patients as well as serve a large OB population.

In terms of the illnesses we treat, our patients are a constant source of challenging clinical problems which are often not frequently seen in other settings (neurocystercisos, tuberculosis, etc.) as well as with advanced disease pathology often due to a lack of health care access due to historical and systemic barriers. 

We additionally provide training in substance use disorder treatment and gender affirming care. We follow a collaborative care model with psychiatry to offer joint care for patients with severe mental illness through the Advancing Integrated Mental Services program. Residents have the opportunity to work and learn directly from the psychiatrist and psychiatry residents through this integrative program.

This is a great place to learn family medicine and how to care for patients in a patient centered-team based setting. Our clinic emphasizes the need for team care in addressing the complexities leading to health disparities. Our clinicians and residents have a health assistant and nurse assigned to each of their clinics. Our care team is further enhanced with readily available access to onsite social workers, behavioral health therapist, diabetes educators, dietitians, and clinical pharmacists. Additionally, we have a robust patient support team that helps patients navigate the health system if they are in need of referrals or studies not available within our clinic.

The Community Health Center Residency Track is designed to train physicians to care for a diverse population of patients within the community with an emphasis on healthy equity and justice. The curriculum may include special rotations in community health, community pediatrics, school based health centers and teen and young adult clinics. Special lectures and workshops will help you to develop special skills necessary for practicing in a cross-cultural setting.

Due to the large number of Spanish speaking patients we serve our residents are expected to be able to practice bilingually or have the willingness to learn Spanish through our one on one personalize Spanish program, ¡Sí!. Opportunities to complete international rotations are also available.