Unique Training Opportunities

A wide breadth of training opportunities await at the combined Offutt-UNMC Family Medicine Residency. Faculty provide an expansive set of procedural opportunities including upper and lower endoscopy, sports medicine procedures including prolotherapy and musculoskeletal ultrasound, cesarean section and operative obstetrics. This is in addition to more typical Family Medicine procedures including exercise treadmill testing, spirometry, vasectomy, osteopathic manipulation therapy, skin procedures, and orthopedic casting and joint injections. Our faculty have experience both with contingency medicine and humanitarian medicine, as well as fellowship training in Sports Medicine, Obstetrics, and Faculty Development.

Residents in our combined Offutt-UNMC program benefit from a connection to a large tertiary care medical center, with smaller, community-sized hospitals and clinics. At UNMC, our residents utilize the resources of a major medical center including subspecialty care and exposure, and an extensive library. Their responsibilities at Offutt AFB and surrounding hospitals include managing their patient empanelment at nursing homes, inpatient, outpatient, on labor and delivery, on the sideline, and even on home visits. They benefit from outstanding nursing support to help our residents deliver care to their patients. 

The capstone of the three year residency takes place with the two month rural medicine experience. During this rotation, our third year residents apply all of the tools that they have learned during their residency by delivering care in an underserved environment. During this experience, our residents face challenges of limited resources and remote geography and provide broad, full-scope Family Medicine care. Few other experiences better encapsulate what it means to be a Family Medicine physician than the "rural" rotation.