Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Clerkship: 
You will spend the majority of your time with a staff physician trained in Sports Medicine. You will see patients in the Sports Medicine Clinic and assist in performing joint injections (some with ultrasound guidance) and other common Sports Medicine procedures, assist with patient education, as well as assist in managing fractures in the Family Medicine Residency Fracture Clinic. In addition, you may have the occasion to work with the Physical Therapy and Orthopedic departments while rotating with us. You will also have the opportunity to assist in various procedures in our clinic, such as vasectomies, skin procedures, colposcopies, exercise treadmill testing, endoscopies, and osteopathic manipulation.

As a 4th year student, you will be given the responsibility of seeing your own clinic 1-2 half days while you rotate with us. This clinic will be precepted by a staff provider and will take place in the Family Medicine Residency clinic.

You will obtain your specific clerkship schedule the first day you arrive.