[Immunization FAQs are here.]

I pay a Fund B fee on my UNMC bill each semester. How is it different from Health insurance?
Students enrolled for 7 or more credit hours (Graduate students 5 or more hours) are required to pay the Student Health Fund B fee. It is not insurance and is mandated by the Chancellor. The fee covers the basic care offered at the Student Health Clinic. This fee also provides for a basic eye exam (referral from Student Health) and a yearly health physical. Charges for diagnostic testing and other ancillary testing are billed to the students MAJOR MEDICAL insurance.

Why is UNMC requiring health insurance?
Having health insurance is one step students take in reducing the risk that unexpected health care expenses can pose in becoming obstacles to degree completion. Unfortunately, students without health insurance who do not have access to needed specialty care or hospitalization, and who attempt to continue their academic pursuits, may fail to reach their full potential due to their untreated illness. 

I am covered already by health insurance. What do I need to do so I don’t get billed the BCBS Student Blue fee?
Students who are already covered by an insurance policy (i.e., through a parent’s plan, a family plan, or an employer-sponsored plan), or their own private student health insurance, will need to submit a waiver and their insurance policy number for verification through a secure website. The BCBS Student Blue  charge will be removed from the student’s bill once the student’s policy is verified.

Where is the Student Health Clinic Located?
The Student Health Clinic is located in the Family Medicine clinic on the 3rd Floor of the Durham Outpatient Center which is just west of 42nd on Emile street. The phone number to make appointments is 402-559-7204. [Download a map]

When is the Student Health Clinic open?
The Student Health Clinic is open for appointments Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 8:00am -- 4:30pm; Thursday 8:00am -- 6:00pm; and Friday 8:00am -- 4:30pm. Appointments can be made by calling 402-559-7204. If after hours, use this same number to speak with the call center.

Should I take anything with me when going to the Student Health Clinic for an appointment?
You will need to provide your student picture ID and your insurance card, even if you are on the BCBS Student Blue insurance. If you are on medications, you should bring a list of the names and dosages.

What do I do if I get ill during non-clinic hours?
If you are ill during non-clinic hours and cannot wait until the next scheduled clinic time, please call 402-559-7204 to be triaged. If care is needed, go to the nearest in-network urgent care or ER. If you are on the BCBS Student Blue insurance, please visit www.nebraskablue.com to find in-network providers.

Can I visit other Immediate Care Clinics if I am unable to visit the Student Health Clinic?
For students who have paid the Fund B fee, the co-pay will be covered at Immediate Care Clinics.

Is there a charge to be seen in the Student Health Clinic?
For students who have paid the Fund B fee, the office visit is included in that fee. Any ancillary testing charges are billed to the student’s Major Medical Insurance. Please refer to the Excluded Services page of this Student Health website for charges covered and/or billed to Major Medical Insurance.

How can I see a specialist?
Most common medical conditions can be managed by a primary care provider at the Student Health Clinic. However, if a specialist’s care is indicated, Student Health Clinic providers can give you a referral to see other specialists within the UNMC system. If you are enrolled in BCBS Student Blue,you will be referred to an in-network provider. If you have outside insurance, check your plan, as some plans require a referral by your private primary care provider.

What do I do if I need to speak to someone about counseling?
Comprehensive confidential counseling services (academic, career, interpersonal, couples, and psychological) are provided free of charge through Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS, Student Life Center 2031, phone: 402-559-7276). With a required referral from CAPS, students may see a designated consulting psychiatrist in the UNMC Department of Psychiatry for up to 8 visits per year.

Will details of my medical care be kept confidential, even from my parents?
The Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) protects the confidentiality of communications between health professionals and their patients. At Student Health, we will not discuss information about you with others without your consent except as required by law.

Does Student Health have a travel clinic?
No. However, there are several travel clinics in the Omaha area. These clinics seek to provide the international traveler with medical guidance, immunizations and certain prescriptions. They strive to help facilitate safe and enjoyable travel for the individual, while also preventing the importation and spread of diseases back to our community. An important resource is the Vaccine and Safe Travel Clinic.

Does Student Health provide medical/work excuses to students?
No. Student Health does not provide medical excuses for missed classes, exams, assignments or work. This policy is common among universities and is consistent with the recommendations of the American College Health Association. Student Health encourages students to make wise decisions regarding whether they are too sick to attend class. As class attendance is an academic/administrative matter between faculty and students, it is the student’s responsibility to work with his or her professor on missed classes, assignments, or exams.