Immunization Policy


Students and others participating in educational programs at the University of Nebraska Medical Center must submit a completed UNMC Required Immunization form* to UNMC Student Health to document required vaccinations and/or immunity as described below. Students will be placed on hold and may not register for courses until they have met the immunization requirements**. Students are responsible for late registration fees encountered due to late submission of immunization documentation.

Individuals covered by this requirement include those in any of the following categories:

  1. Enrolled in coursework for credit or for audit on any UNMC Campus or Division where the student may be required to be physically present.
  2. Employees enrolled in UNMC coursework.
  3. Visiting students and intercampus registrations from another university, including other University of Nebraska or state college campuses.
  4. Individuals participating in educational programs lasting more than 7 days such as (but not limited to) Summer Undergraduate Research Programs, Summer Medical and Dental Education Program, Asia Pacific Rim Students (Summer PhD Program, Medical Exchange Program, UNMCCSC Program, those doing research in faculty labs, etc.), and Health Sciences High School.

Exceptions to immunization requirements:

  1. International students not physically located in the United States need not submit documentation of immunization.
  2. Students from another campus in the NU system or students who come from another accredited health sciences program in the US will be considered to have completed the immunization documentation process, provided they will not have the potential to be exposed to blood or body fluids.
  3. Student visitors on the UNMC campus who are part of a recognized international academic program, who have met US State Department immunization requirements, and will not have the potential to be exposed to blood or body fluids will be considered to have completed the immunization documentation process.
  4. Students enrolled in the Health Sciences High School must be current on vaccinations as required by OPS.  They will not need to provide documentation of the Hepatitis B vaccination series provided they will not have the potential to be exposed to blood or body fluids.
  5. The Director of Student Health may waive the requirements in cases of medical contraindication.

*Required Immunizations
** Students accepted less than 6 weeks before the start of an academic term are not exempt from this policy.  However, the registration hold will be released after receipt of documentation of the first Hepatitis B vaccination and at least one of two required tuberculosis skin tests results or other negative TB screening results that were completed within 6 months of arrival on campus provided the individual will not register for a course in which they will be exposed to blood or body fluids.


  1. College Student Services staff and Program Directors are responsible for sending all accepted students the required immunization information within 7 days of student accepting admission to the program. 
  2. Students are responsible for returning required information to Student Health as soon as possible, but no later than 1 month prior to registration.  Forms received after this deadline may not be processed in time to allow registration without a late registration fee.
  3. Incomplete forms will not be accepted. The student is responsible for entering demographic data and dates for vaccinations and/or titers.  Incomplete forms will be returned for completion.
  4. Any additional fee incurred related to immunization and or screening for immunity that may apply will be the responsibility of the student.