New Student Onboarding

The University has contracted with the United Healthcare Student Resources Insurance Company to provide accident/illness insurance coverage. The plan also provides for outpatient surgery, dental, and prescription coverage. Students may participate in the University-sponsored plan thru United Healthcare Student Resources, or they may have their own plan through a parent, spouse, employer, or self.

Refer to this link for the cost of the insurance per semester, as well as the coverage effective date, based on your program:

The cost of the United Healthcare Student Insurance is automatically billed each fall and spring semester on the full-time student’s tuition statement/bill, for full time students. Part time students may also enroll for the particular semester in the United Student Insurance Program by enrolling on the United Healthcare Insurance website and must do so within the first two weeks of each semester at:

Therefore, if students do not wish to participate in the University plan through United Healthcare, they must file a Waiver verifying alternate insurance

Basically, for our student insurance plan, there is medical, a $1,000 annual dental benefit, as well as prescription coverage for students (and their dependents, if needed, for an additional charge).   There is a student only $500 Policy Year deductible amount thru in-network providers ($1,000 for the family deductible), which is much lower than most insurance plans in the marketplace (thus, $500 is what students could be required to first pay before United will pay anything toward the student’s medical bills).   And the maximum out of pocket amount per school Policy Year that a student would be required to pay on their medical bills thru an in-network provider is $2,200 ($4,400 total for the family).  

Here is a brief explanation of our UNMC student insurance plan:

If students are seen in the campus Student Health Clinic for their medical care, then everything done in the clinic is covered by United at 100% (after first covered by the Fund B Student Health; for more information on what is covered by Fund B, please refer to the campus Student Health Office website, Otherwise if students are seen by a provider outside of the Student Health Clinic and have medical procedures done, then the $500 deductible may be applied by United to the medical bills/charges (there is also an office copay amount to pay, which is either $20 or $30, depending on the type of physician seen).   

Please know that the coverage by United is 80% at an in-network United provider, which means that your responsibility will be 20% for the remaining medical charges, and then otherwise the United coverage will be only 50% thru an out-of-network provider.  

United does provide 100% coverage for an annual physical exam, but it must be done thru an in-network provider. United also has an annual $50 eye exam benefit at the Truhlsen Eye Institute. Glasses and contacts are not covered. The only way glasses are covered is if the student has an eye injury or disease such as macular degeneration. The school does not offer vision insurance. There should be some individual vision plans on You would just need to select the vision tab. There is a plan A and plan B that they offer for coverage. VSP is a common vision coverage used in Nebraska.