College of Public Health

All 2021-2022 cost of attendance worksheets have been reviewed and approved by your academic program.

TUITION:  at the University of Nebraska campuses is frozen through 2022-2023.  The links provided on the worksheet will take you directly to the current tuition and fee pages to show the actual tuition/fee rates.  For the cost of attendance worksheets and financial aid purposes these costs are rounded. 

FEES: are subject to change; however, those fee increases will not be reviewed or approved by the University Board of Regents until July 1st.  Fee increases, if approved, are generally not increased more than 5%.

ALLOWANCES: are not charges.  They are allowance estimates provided for your evaluation for financial aid needs.  The living allowance is an expected rate of living for a single student living on their own.  Our office will not adjust your personal cost of attendance because you don't need funds for living, you are expected to consider that fact when accepting your financial aid awards.  This is also true for the book/equipment ALLOWANCE; travel ALLOWANCE, etc.

LOAN ORIGINATION FEES: are charged by the Department of Education, not UNMC.  If you borrow student loan aid, the Department of Education will charge an origination fee to borrow the loan aid.  That origination fee will be subtracted from your loan disbursements BEFORE the Department of Education delivers your loan funds to UNMC.  This is not a fee that will appear on your UNMC bill.  You will notice the disbursement amount is less than the semester award amount. The fee is based on the amount you borrow.  Please take the time to use the link provided on this budget line to read how this fee is applied by the Department of Education.  Do not plan on the FULL amount being borrowed to be disbursed to you.  The fee is built into your cost of attendance so you can 'net' the full amount of loan aid you need for your CHARGES and ALLOWANCES.