How to Apply

Below are step-by-step instructions on applying for aid at UNMC. Please read each section carefully. Additionally, the Financial Aid office has created a presentation with additional information regarding the application process that you can find here.

1. How to Budget and Borrow  
Before you begin, please review the Financial Aid Literacy site for your program in the menu to the left.
2. File your FAFSA  

Apply for a FSA ID - The FSA ID allows you to electronically sign your FAFSA. Students and parents (of undergraduate dependent students) will be required to apply for their own pin. 

Submit the FAFSA   -  UNMC Institution Code - 006895


3. Net ID Process  

Your UNMC academic program will issue you a NETID and Password to gain access to the various UNMC campus network drives, printers, Outlook email, Canvas, UNMC Intranet, People Soft Student Information System (MyRecords), McGoogan Health Sciences Library electronic resources, UNMC Research Support Systems (RSS), Care, as well as the wireless network.

The timing of the issuance of the UNMC NETID and Password is program specific.  Until such time you receive your NETID/Password, you will not have access to your People Soft (MyRecords) financial aid records.

We encourage you to use the links provided under your academic program tab to become familiar with your program cost of attendance, establishing a budget, recommendations on how to borrow wisely and other links that are available throughout the UNMC financial aid web site.

4. Apply for Scholarships  
To complete the UNMC Scholarship Application, you must have a UNMC Net ID and Password (see Step 3 for information). Once you have received your login information, we encourage you to submit your UNMC Scholarship Application through MyRecords. After logging in; click on "View My Financial Aid". In the links menu, click on "Apply for Scholarships" and follow the instructions provided.  The Scholarship Application deadline is May 1st or 30 days after you are accepted by the academic program.  
The application serves as your scholarship application for the entire length of your UNMC academic program. The application is assigned to your TO DO LIST and will remain on the list until it is completed. Scholarships are awarded by the academic programs, not the Office of Financial Aid. Eligibility is determined each year based on your prior year academic performance, leadership skills, and donor specific criteria (i.e., junior medical student, senior nursing student). If a UNMC Scholarship Application is not on file, your name will be included on scholarship rosters, however, your program may not consider you for scholarship without an application being on file. Additionally, the UNMC Scholarship Application collects donor specific criteria that is not collected on other application materials.

Students who are aware they will be receiving an outside scholarship must report this to the Financial Aid Office to ensure that their financial aid packaging maximizes a student’s unmet need. Scholarship checks from an outside organization should be sent to:

UNMC Scholarship Coordinator
984265 NE Medical Center 
Omaha, NE 68198-4265. 

Upon receipt, the check will be posted to the student’s tuition/fee account to reduce their semester costs. If the award results in a credit balance on the semester tuition/fee account, a refund will be issued within 7-10 business days. 

5. Monitor your To Do list  

The TO DO LIST provides you a list of requirements or tasks that must be completed. TO DO LIST items are posted by multiple units across campus: academic programs, student health, student accounts, and FINANCIAL AID.  Follow the provided details for each TO DO LIST item and complete the requirement/task by the suggested due date.  Once the requirement/tasks are completed the TO DO LIST item will be removed from your TO DO LIST.  Once completed, allow 72 hours for TO DO LIST items to clear.  If a Financial Aid TO DO LIST is not cleared within 72 hours, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

Access your TO DO LIST by logging into MyRecords.

6. Receive Your Aid Offer  
Your Award Notification lists your offered financial aid for the entire academic year. Some offered awards are contingent upon full-time enrollment (12 credits per term for undergraduates).If your enrollment changes, we will pro-rate your awards through the first week of classes. 

Our primary method of communication is through your UNMC email address. 

Carefully consider how much you need to borrow and avoid borrowing more than you really need. When borrowing, be sure to check terms and conditions before accepting any loan and be sure you understand your re-payment obligation.

7. Act on Your Awards  
Access MyRecords to accept your financial aid award. You may decline any loans you do not plan on borrowing. Once you accept your loans, then decide to change the amount, you must request a change by email to the Office of Financial Aid.  

If you have accepted loan offers, you may need to complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN), Loan Entrance Counseling, and Truth-in-Lending Statements. These requirements may direct you to several loan based websites to complete the tasks.  Again, review your TO DO LIST regularly to ensure the requirement is completed. Many of the required ‘tasks’ are done on-line and failure to finalize the task by hitting SUBMIT will not clear the TO DO LIST item.

Award Processing Tutorial

8. Enroll in direct Deposit  
We recommend enrolling in direct deposit through MyRecords so funds post directly to your bank account. Once a refund has been requested, allow 3-5 business days for funds to post to your bank account.  Otherwise, any financial aid refund will be mailed to your billing address 5-10 business days after the refund was requested on your account. Allow up to two (2) weekdays for your direct deposit enrollment to activate. Check with your bank to ensure your funds are available in your account before drawing on your refund. Visit the Student Accounts Office if you have questions regarding your direct deposit enrollment.

Choose a Refund Method

9. Receive your funds  
To receive your financial aid refund during the week before classes, you must register for classes, complete your financial aid file and accept your awards at least two weeks before the semester begins.  UNMC does not offer the option of charging text books and equipment to your UNMC Student Account. Book vouchers are not available. Students are required to use their student financial aid refunds or personal resources to purchase books and equipment. 

Financial aid disbursement will begin no sooner than a seven (7) days before the start of each semester. The amount that is disbursed is determined by the number of credits you are enrolled in at the time of disbursement. Available financial aid will begin paying your UNMC charges at that time.

If your credited aid is in excess of your university charges, you will receive a financial aid refund for the difference either by direct deposit to your bank account or by check. If you do not enroll in direct deposit, any refund owed will be mailed to you no sooner than a few days before the start of the semester. Confirm or update your local address via MyRecords. If you need your check to be re-issued, please the Student Accounts Office.

Your financial aid will be applied to your current UNMC charges first. If financial aid is canceled or does not pay all tuition and fees, you will be responsible for these remaining charges. Tuition and billing correspondence will be sent to your official UNMC email account. UNMC expects students to check their UNMC email frequently to stay current with university-related communications, including e-billing notifications. View your account balance and make a payment via MyRecords. If tuition and fees are not fully covered by financial aid, UNMC will not drop your classes and your account balance must be paid.

10. Maintain your eligibility  

As a financial aid recipient, you are required to continue eligibility by maintaining satisfactory academic progress (SAP), filing a FAFSA each year, completing all requested financial aid items on your To Do list on MyRecords and maintaining all other eligibility criteria.

If you fail to meet one or more of the SAP standards, you will be ineligible to receive financial aid, and will be notified by email.