Federal Loans

Student loans are funds provided to an undergraduate or graduate student for educational expenses and are considered self-help financial aid because you must repay the money loaned to you.

UNMC students are eligible for the loans listed below. The information on this page is periodically reviewed and updated to reflect current federal rates and requirements and is subject to change without prior notice.

Types of Student Loans - More federal loan information can be found when clicking on the links below.

Direct Subsidized - Awarded to Undergraduate students with financial need and enrolled at least half-time (6 cr hrs).

Direct Unsubsidized - All degree seeking students are eligible for this loan. All students must be enrolled half-time, which is dictated by career and program.

Direct PLUS Loan - Awarded to graduate or professional students, and qualified parents of undergraduate students. Students must be enrolled at least half time.

Health Professions Student Loan - Awarded to Dentistry and Pharmacy students with financial need. Per Title VII/HHS Regulations, students interested in receiving this loan must complete the parent sections of the FAFSA to determine their federal need eligibility. Parent information is required regardless of marital and/or dependent children status.

Nursing Student Loan - Awarded to Nursing students with financial need. 

Borrower Obligations - The following processes are required to be completed by all UNMC students accepting federal loans. Refer to your To Do list at MyRecords to see if you have any requirements. Do not submit anything until it is requested by the Office of Financial Aid.  Federal Loans cannot be disbursed until all requirements have been met.  UNMC Office of Financial Aid will contact you at the appropriate time to complete these requirements.

To-do list requirements for HPSL/Nursing loans will be completed through Heartland ECSI.


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