Grants are need-based gift assistance awarded to qualified students demonstrating exceptional financial need. You are not required to pay back a grant as long as you maintain the required enrollment status for the semester in which you received it.

Pell Grant - Pell Grant awards are reserved for students who do not already hold a bachelor's degree and are enrolled in an undergraduate degree seeking program. This is federal gift aid and is usually considered the foundation of a student's financial aid package. It is the base upon which other awards are built.  Annual Pell Grant awards are dependent on your financial need, your Expected Family Contribution, and the number of hours you are enrolled.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG) - A federal gift aid awarded to undergraduate students with high levels of financial need.

Nebraska Opportunity Grant (NOG) - Available to undergraduate students with high levels of need. This is a combination of federal and gift aid administered through the state of Nebraska.

Nebraska Promise - Nebraska Promise is a University of Nebraska expanded financial aid program which guarantees eligible undergraduate students will have up to 30 credit hours of tuition per year paid in grant and scholarship aid. It replaces the tuition guarantee program previously known as Collegebound Nebraska. The program is available to undergraduate nursing, dental hygiene, and allied health professions students meeting the Nebraska Promise eligibility criteria. It does not apply to students seeking a second bachelor’s degree.


There is no separate Nebraska Promise application. Eligible students are identified automatically through the annual Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application.

The UNMC Financial Aid Office downloads FAFSA application information on MONDAYS only. To ensure your FAFSA is received on a Monday, we encourage you to submit your application by Wednesday of the previous week.

More information is available on the Nebraska Promise and Nebraska Promise FAQ web pages.

Scholarship aid received from outside private donors (student has applied for scholarship aid independently-local community, church, private organizations) will NOT be used to meet the Nebraska Promise unless the donor specifically requires the scholarship to be applied to the student’s tuition costs.