Other Private Loans

Unfortunately, the UNMC Financial Aid Office does not have sufficient resources to fund the full cost of attendance for undergraduate students. We realize, that often times, students do not receive sufficient financial aid to cover the cost of tuition and fees, books, equipment, and living expenses. In all likelihood, your financial aid award package includes a federal Parent PLUS loan or an Alternative (private) student loan. To the left, you will find links which will provide you an explanation of the Parent PLUS or Alternative loan offer and guidance on how to proceed with processing the loan offer.

If you have additional questions regarding the process for either loan, please call 402-559-4199, and using the voice response system press 2 then 1 to be connected to the Parent Plus/Alternative Loan counselor. You may also send your questions to finaid@unmc.edu and the email will be directed to the loan processing counselor.