Parent Plus Loans

You have been awarded a FEDERAL PARENT PLUS LOAN as a "placeholder" award to show you/your parents your eligibility for a Direct Parent PLUS Loan. As an undergraduate student, our office is unable to meet your full cost of attendance with grants/scholarships and federal student loan eligibility.  The Parent Plus loan is borrowed by a parent/step parent/legal guardian. The student is not the borrower for this loan. Your parent/legal guardian must complete the Parent PLUS Consent Form and Direct Parent PLUS Master Promissory Note (MPN).  The Department of Education will conduct a credit check, on the parent borrower, at the time the Master Promissory Note is completed. If the parent borrower is denied the Parent PLUS loan, the parent/student should contact our office, as soon as possible, to discuss the loan appeal process or other loan alternatives.

You and/or your parents also have the option of borrowing an Alternative Loan instead of, or in conjunction with, a Parent PLUS loan. If your parent chooses not to borrow a PLUS loan; or, chooses to borrow less in a PLUS loan, you may still need to borrow an alternative loan in addition to the Parent PLUS loan to meet your cost of attendance. The Alternative loan will require a credit-worthy co-signer, but you are the borrower on this type of loan. Please follow the guidance on this Alternative Loan link.