Scholarships offered at UNMC are financed primarily through the fund raising efforts of the University of Nebraska Foundation and a variety of private donors. Most awards are made based on merit and / or financial need. Scholarship recipients are chosen by scholarship committees in each of the respective colleges and disciplines and are facilitated by the Financial Aid Office.

To be eligible for scholarships at UNMC, students must complete the UNMC Scholarship Application. You can access the scholarship application by logging into MyRecords and clicking on your "To Do List". This application only needs to be completed one time, and will automatically qualify the student for eligibility during their entire academic career at UNMC. To complete the application, a student must be admitted to a program and have received their ID and password information.

Scholarship awards are determined in June for the new academic year. Recipients are notified by their program as to the amount and name of a scholarship award. Scholarships are disbursed in two installments, Fall and Spring, unless otherwise dictated by the scholarship criteria. Students who begin their academic year in the Spring term will also be eligible for scholarships, should funding be available. Scholarships may be awarded for the Spring/Summer or Spring only terms depending on the criteria of the award.

It is an expectation of UNMC that the student will acknowledge the receipt of a scholarship with a thank you note to the donors. Please review the instructions for completing the thank you note process as failure to acknowledge a scholarship may jeopardize students eligibility for future scholarship awards.

Plough Scholarship

Plough, Inc. is a recognized leader in ethical pharmaceuticals and proprietary medicines throughout the world. Scholarship funding was established in 1981 for Pharmacy students in tribute to the retail pharmacists of Nebraska. The scholarship requires a one-time application. Students are encouraged to apply at the time of admission to the College of Pharmacy.  Plough Scholarship applications, once completed, should be forwarded to the UNMC Scholarship Coordinator at:

Karen Freeman, Scholarship Coordinator
Office of Financial Aid
984235 NE Medical Center
Omaha, NE  68198-4235

Nebraska Medicine Guild Alice Friedlander Scholarship

The Nebraska Medicine Guild annually awards students with $5,000 scholarships.  Candidates must be pursuing a degree from the College of Nursing, College of Allied Health Professions, College of Public Health or the College of Pharmacy.  Details are listed along with the application by clicking here. The deadline for submitting an application is March 19.

Susan Thompson Buffett Scholarship

Students transferring to UNMC from another University of Nebraska institution, who still have eligibility under the guidelines of the Buffett scholarship, should report their transfer to UNMC to the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation. The Buffett foundation will advise UNMC of the student's eligibility. The maximum Buffett UNMC scholarship award includes the book allowance. UNMC does not have the capability of providing book vouchers to recipients.

Davis-Chambers Scholarship

The Davis-Chambers Scholarship recognizes academically promising students who have knowledge and experience in a diverse environment of community. This scholarship requires a specific Davis-Chambers Scholarship Application.

Students may submit their application/essays to EITHER of the following:

University of Nebraska-Medical Center
Office of Student Equity and Multicultural Affairs
984275 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-4275


UNMC Financial Aid Office
984265 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-4265

Nebraska Legacy Scholarship

Nebraska Legacy scholarships are only available to Undergraduate students. The nonresident portion of tuition may be fully, or partially, waived for any undergraduate nonresident student of UNMC who is a child of a University of Nebraska graduate. Legacy scholars must meet the eligibility standards established by their UNMC academic program. The Nebraska Legacy Scholarship awarded by one campus of the University is not transferable to another campus of the University. However, a student who enrolls as a Legacy Scholarship student at one campus of the University may qualify for a Legacy Scholarship at another campus of the University if he/she meets the scholarship criteria for new transfer students specified in the rules of the campus to which the student is transferring. A UNMC Legacy Scholarship Application will be provided to those who self identify their legacy status on the UNMC Scholarship Application.

Non-Resident Tuition Scholarship

Tuition scholarships, for an amount up to the difference between resident and non-resident tuition, may be offered to selected students who are not residents of Nebraska. Recipients and award amounts are determined by the academic programs.

Regent Scholarship

Regent scholarships are offered to Nebraska residents only. Awards are generally made to students with high academic achievement. These scholarships are not automatically renewable and are determined by the academic programs. This award does not require a separate application to be completed.

Regent Transfer Scholarship

Undergraduate Regent scholars, transferring to UNMC from another University of Nebraska institution, who have not exhausted their scholarship eligibility, may have the balance of their scholarship applied to the first year of tuition at UNMC. Students must contact the Financial Aid Office at their current institution to determine their remaining eligibility. That Financial Aid Office will provide the UNMC Scholarship Coordinator with the details regarding your remaining eligibility. The Regents transfer scholarship will be applied to the students account based on the rate of tuition from the previous institution.