Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study (FWS) is a Title IV need-based, federally funded financial aid program. Students with financial need may work part time to help cover education expenses. The federal work study award is based on a contract negotiated between the student and the UNMC hiring department. Hiring departments are reliant upon FWS student workers to assist in their program efforts. The Financial Aid Office encourages the student and the hiring department to negotiate student's hiring contract based on the skill set and the student's availability to determine the amount of hours the student can commit per week to the hiring department.

The following are required to participate in the Federal Work Study Program:

The following rules apply to UNMC FWS employment:

If you are interested in a Federal Work Study position; please review all the available positions on our Federal Work Study positions page in the menu to the left.

How do I receive a Federal Work Study position?

Students will not be pre-packaged with Federal Work Study, even though the student might have selected they are interested in Federal Work Study. To apply for a work study position:

How will the student be paid?

Is there a difference between a Federal Work Study student and a student worker?

Is it possible to become ineligible while I'm working?

Since Federal Work Study is based on your calculated financial need, the Financial Aid Office will monitor your eligibility to ensure you do not exceed your maximum award. Circumstances such as late scholarship awards, changes to your cost of attendance due to reduced enrollment, and/or falling below half-time status can change your Federal Work Study eligibility. The Financial Aid Office will contact the student if eligibility for Federal Work Study earnings are at risk.