Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance below reflects the University of Nebraska Board of Regents approved tuition rates for 2017-2018.  This exact rate of tuition may not be reflected in the 2017/18 ESTIMATED Cost of Attendance financial aid budgets for 2017/18.  To determine how those costs were developed, please read the UNMC Cost of Attendance Disclosure.

Fees include but are not limited to: student health, center for healthy living, student senate, technology, library, distributive learning/distance (if assigned to course work), course fees, lab fees, and student health insurance (can be waived with proof of private coverage)

Books/equipment costs are estimates based on UNMC bookstore pricing or information provided by the academic program.

Loan origination fees are charged by the Department of Education pm federal Subsidized, Unsubsidized, Graduate PLUS and Parent PLUS loan aid.  Current loan origination fees.

Living Expenses are estimated costs for a single student living off campus in Omaha, attending the main UNMC campus. Living expense estimates are based on the academic period of enrollment per year; summer living expenses are not funded unless you are required to be enrolled during some period of the summer. The monthly living allowance is $2,100/month. It is designed to cover all aspects of a single student’s living needs .  This allowance will not be increased for living standards that exceed the monthly allowance.  Students who are able to live on less than the monthly allowance are encouraged to borrow less but are not required to do so.  Living on less reduces the overall loan debt. Reducing your loan debt results in lower payments when you enter into student loan repayment.

Disclaimer: The information provided is not a bill. The University of Nebraska Medical Center reserves the right to modify the cost of attendance without prior notice.


Program Year Resident Tuition Non Resident Tuition Books/Equipment Course Fees Loan Fees Living Expenses Academic Travel IPPE
1 $23,840 $45,510 $1,210 $3,650 $1,110 $18,900 $0 $1,850
2 $21,150 $41,510 $1,080 $3,620 $930 $18,900 $0 $1,850
3 $21,150 $41,510 $1,060 $3,570 $850 $18,900 $0 $0
4 $21,150 $41,510 $575 $3,700 $1,025 $25,200 $1,280 $0