College of Pharmacy


2019-2020 Cost of Attendance workbooks reflect estimated CHARGES for tuition and fees. Exact charges for tuition and fees can be found on the UNMC Student Account webpage.



The tuition and fee CHARGES are estimates. Every attempt is made to build the charges as close to exact as possible; however, due to the Nebraska Board of Regents late June finalization of tuition and fee rates, exact amounts for the COSTS cannot be determined until that time.

The ALLOWANCES are fixed amounts. The allowances are reviewed each year to ensure they are sufficient based on basic inflation of housing costs, books/equipment, etc.

The 2020-2021 tuition rates are based on a 2.75% tuition increase. The imbedded links on the worksheet take you out to current information published on various UNMC web pages.

These cost of attendance workbooks are for the 2020-2021 academic year only. Students are NOT locked into ‘fixed’ tuition/fee charges for the duration of their academic program. As tuition and fee rates increase from year to year, so too will you annual cost of attendance.

These estimated cost of attendance worksheets will NOT be revised to reflect exact amounts, once tuition/fees are finalized in June, unless the variance in charges are + - $500. The imbedded links will take you to the most current information available (example: in July 2020, the tuition/fee links will take you the approved rates for 2020-2021). Exact charges will be reflected on your Student Account tuition and fee invoice once you are registered for 2020-2021.

The UNMC Financial Aid Office does NOT award scholarship aid. All scholarships are awarded by the academic programs, and are generally determined and announced by the academic program, in late May/early June after the posting of SPRING grades. Original award packages will be student loan offers only. Award packages may be revised due to the receipt of scholarship awards. Students are notified of award package revisions when additional awards are added.

The deadline to accept award packages is JULY 15th, unless you filed your FAFSA on or after that date. Late award packages should be accepted within 10 days of receiving the award notification.