Scholarship Application

How do I apply for scholarships?  
The UNMC Scholarship application is available at the following web link:  UNMC Scholarships Applications.  Students are encouraged to complete this application at the time they are offered acceptance to UNMC.
Are UNMC scholarships renewable?  
UNMC merit (academic) and need based scholarships are awarded annually.  Each UNMC academic program establishes their own scholarship awarding criteria and process.  Students are notified, by their academic program, of their scholarship selection.  The Financial Aid Office packages federal, state, and institutional loan/grant aid after the academic programs have selected their scholarship recipients.
Why did I receive/not receive a scholarship?  
Each UNMC College has their own scholarship committee. These college/program scholarship committees select their program scholarship recipients. The UNMC Financial Aid Office does not award academic or need based scholarships to students. Please contact your college to inquire about  their scholarship selection policies and procedures.
How are outside scholarships processed at UNMC?  

All students receiving outside scholarship awards need to notify the Financial Aid Office to insure the scholarship is properly credited to the student's account.  We may have to adjust financial aid in accordance with federal regulations.  Outside scholarship checks (or letters of scholarship offers) should be sent to:

University of Nebraska Medical Center
984265 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, Ne 68198-4265

I am a nonresident student; does UNMC offer scholarships to nonresident students?  
Each UNMC program is provided a limited pool of funds annually for the purpose of awarding nonresident scholarships to students.  The pool of funds varies from year to year.  The academic programs determine the value of the scholarship; the renewal criteria; and the award recipients.  These scholarships are generally awarded during the annual scholarship awarding cycle.   Academic and need based scholarships are awarded based on donor specific criteria.  If an academic/need based scholarship is not restricted to Nebraska residents, the academic program may award an academic or need based scholarship to a qualified nonresident student.
Do I need to provide an envelope with my scholarship thank you note and where do I mail it?  
Envelopes are not necessary when handing in your thank you notes and the Financial Aid Office will handle mailing the thank you notes. All information regarding thank you notes can be found on the Thank You Note page.