What is federal verification and why was I selected to be verified?  
The Department of Education analyzes the submitted FAFSA data against a series of data edits.  If the FAFSA data fails one or more of these edits, the FAFSA may be selected for federal verification.  Additionally, in our review of FAFSA data, the Financial Aid Office may find discrepancies in FAFSA data that require our office to select the FAFSA record for verification.  Students selected for federal verification are notified of required documentation to verify the FAFSA data.  Until the verification process is complete, the student cannot be awarded federal, state, and institutional financial aid.  Students have 60 days, from the time of notification, to submit the requested verification documents.   The verification process cannot be waived.
What documents will be required to complete my Verification Process?  
The Financial Aid Office will send an email to your People Soft preferred email address. This email communication will provide you with guidance on how to access your Verification Requirements on your People Soft Self Service 'To Do List'.
How can I submit my Verification documents to the Financial Aid Office?  
Some verification documents will be completed using interactive online pdf forms. These forms can be completed, dated, then printed off for signature. Documents such as IRS Tax transcripts, etc may be sent by scanned email, fax, or regular mail. Student/parents are discouraged from sending (and paying for) forms via 'express' mail delivery systems. We are a small office; documents are rarely misplaced in our office.
I am required to provide Parent Verification documents to the Financial Aid Office, my parents do not have computer to complete on-line forms, can I complete the forms for them?  
No, Parent Verification documents must be completed and SIGNED by the parent. The form can be sent by mail or fax. 
What if I can't complete the verification process within the required 60 days?  
Students are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office to explain the delay and request an extension of the deadline.
I am having problems obtaining my IRS Transcript any suggestions?  
You may use the IRS website to request a copy of your transcript or download the request form and send your request to the IRS. Currently, due to an IRS security breach, transcripts are only available via mail and cannot be retrieved electronically. As such, it may take 5-10 business days to receive your transcript from the IRS, so please plan accordingly.