Alternative Loans

Alternative loans are made available to students who need additional funding to help with their educational costs. Private student loans are critical in helping students fill the gap between what they are able to borrow with federal loans and the total cost of their education.

The UNMC Office of Financial Aid, and federal regulations, requires the completion of a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to ensure students maximize their eligibility in Federal and State financial assistance (grants, work-study, Direct Loans, etc.) before applying for an alternative loan.  Students are not required to participate in any of the federal student aid programs; however, federal regulations require financial aid administrators determine federal student aid eligibility, and to advise students of their federal aid eligibility before awarding an alternative student loan. The UNMC Office of Financial Aid will waive this requirement if the student/parents provide a written statement advising the choice to not file the FAFSA.

FAFSA may be completed on line. Since private student loans are credit-based, your eligibility, and the interest rate, you receive are based on your credit score. If you don't have an established or satisfactory credit history, you will have to apply with a creditworthy co-signer. Benefits of applying with a co-signer include the following:

There are many lenders that have developed alternative student loan programs. Below is a list of lenders that provide alternative loans designed for health professional students. Students are advised that ALL alternative loan lenders are required to follow Regulation Z rules and regulations for private loan processing. The lenders MUST follow a THREE (3) step loan process directly with the borrower; a self-certification loan application, a disclosure of interest rates/penalties at the time of application, and a final disclosure at the time of loan disbursement/delivery. The school cannot assist with this process. Please print and retain copies of all loan documents provided by the lender.

Financial Aid Lenders: The agency to the right of the lender indicates what agency will service your loan in repayment and their current contact phone number.

The lenders listed below are the only lenders with whom UNMC has familiarity. We can attest to their customer service and loan procedures. You are free to search the internet for other Alternative Loan options. UNMC will not be responsible for researching their lending history, customer service, policies or procedures. We will be happy to process your loan request with any lender you may choose for your ALTERNATIVE LOAN borrowing.

NON DEGREE students: Non degree students are encouraged to contact the individual lenders to determine if loans are available to you and if assistance is needed in processing your non degree private student loan.

UNMC HAS RECEIVED NO CONSIDERATION FROM ANY LENDERS FOR PLACEMENT ON THIS LIST. Placement on this list DOES NOT constitute an endorsement from UNMC nor should it be construed as a preferred lender list. You are free to borrow from any lender of your choice.