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This page contains important information regarding Financial Aid at the University of Nebraska-Medical Center. Use the menu to the left to access important aid year specific dates and calendars, as well as useful tutorials for financial aid.

Of particular importance is our FERPA Policy.  The UNMC Financial Aid Office will not discuss/disclose any of your financial aid record with parents/spouses/significant others. As health ‘professional’ students, it is the expectation of the UNMC Financial Aid Office that you accept the professional responsibility of managing your own financial aid process. We understand you are very busy. However, if it is important for you to receive financial aid, it is important for you to make the time to understand the process. We are available to teach you the world of financial aid. However, we will not discuss the details of your financial aid package with your parents/spouse/significant other without you being directly involved in the conversation. We respectfully request you share this expectation with your parents/spouse/significant other to ensure they are informed of our ‘student only’ policy for financial aid information. Many of the questions you might have regarding the Financial Aid process can be found throughout the Financial Aid website. If your parent/spouse/significant other have questions that are not specific to any one student, we will be happy to answer those questions in the context of general financial aid information.

We will assist parents, with the PARENT PLUS loan process, who choose to borrow PARENT PLUS loan funds for their UNMC undergraduate student.

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