Federal regulation requires all higher learning institutions, awarding federal financial aid, to complete verification on a select number of their FAFSA applicants. The U.S. Department of Education and UNMC are responsible for selecting students to complete this process. Students selected for verification must provide the supporting documentation listed on their MyRecords Financial Aid TO DO LIST.  The documentation will be compared to information submitted on the student's FAFSA. Corrections, if necessary, made to the FAFSA by the financial aid staff will be re-submitted to the Department of Education for re-processing/correction.

UNMC Verification Process

  1. The UNMC Financial Aid office loads FAFSAs into the system every MONDAY. Once UNMC receives a student’s FAFSA, an electronic notification will be sent to the student through email on the FRIDAY the FAFSA is received. The email will be archived in the student’s MyRecords Notices Sent box
  2. Within a week of receiving the FAFSA, if the student was selected for the federal verification process, the student will be sent a VERIFICATION LETTER at their email address. Again, this letter is archived in the student’s MyRecords Notices sent box.
  3. The student will then be directed to their UNMC MyRecords To Do List for required verification documentation.
  4. Documentation is to be sent to the UNMC Financial Aid office. Once reviewed for completion, the MyRecords To Do list items will be removed. If incomplete documents are received, a personal email notice is sent to the student’s email address to advise them of what needs to be done to complete/correct the documents.  This email is NOT archived in the MyRecords Notifications Sent box.
  5. If the Financial Aid office needs to make corrections to the FAFSA, a new record is submitted to the Department of Education. Once the corrected record has been accepted, the student is sent a new Student Aid Report showing the corrections that were made. PLEASE do not change any of the corrected fields on the new FAFSA/Student Aid Report (SAR)

Only students notified of the request for verification documents are required to submit the documentation listed on the MyRecords Financial Aid TO DO LIST. For the 2021-2022 FAFSAs, all income and tax documents submitted must be for the 2019 tax year. **Per federal regulation, the UNMC Financial Aid Office cannot and will not accept 2020 income/tax information for the verification process. If received, documents from 2020 will be destroyed. The required 2019 income and tax documents will remain on your MyRecords TO DO LIST until the correct documentation is received.

Typical verification items requested for the Federal Verification process include: W2 forms; 2019 IRS Federal Tax Return Transcript, Student and/or Parent Verification Worksheets, child support documentation, and/or proof of citizenship/eligible non-citizenship.

U.S. Tax filers
Provide a copy of a 2019 Federal Tax Return Transcript.

Victims of IRS Tax-Related Identity Theft (2 step authentication)
Tax filers, who because of IRS Tax-Related Identity Theft, that are denied an IRS Tax Return Transcript, will be referred to the Identity Protection Specialized Unit at toll-free number at 800-908-4490 or to the identity theft section through the IRS. Tax filers can request for further instructions with the IRS. Additionally, the tax filer will need to provide a completed Verification of IRS Identity Theft Form.

Puerto Rico Tax Filers
Provide a copy of a Puerto Rico Federal 2019 Tax Return Transcript

Non-Tax Filers
If the student, spouse, and/or parent was not required to file taxes under federal regulations, provide:

Student and/or Parent Verification Worksheets:
You will be directed to these forms using the MyRecords To Do List.

Child Support:
If it was indicated on the FAFSA that child support has been received or paid, supporting documentation of child support is required to be submitted.

Citizenship and Eligible Non-Citizenship: 
If the Department of Homeland Security was unable to confirm U.S. Citizenship or Eligible Non-Citizen Status by the information provided in the FAFSA, proof of citizenship/eligible non-citizen status is required.  Acceptable documentation:

Before Documents are submitted, please be sure:

If the forms contain incomplete, missing or illegible information, the documents will be returned to the student for completion and/or legible documents via the student’s UNMC email with instructions on what needs to be done to correct/complete the documentation. Pictures or photographs of documents will not be accepted.

Verification documents should be sent to the UNMC Office of Financial Aid in only one of the following ways:


Courtesy Reminders
will be sent to review your MyRecords TO DO LIST until all ‘financial aid’ requirements are satisfied.  If you submitted documents, and they remain on your MyRecords TO DO LIST 7 business days after you submitted the documents, please contact our office. Check your UNMC student email or your MyRecords Notices Sent box for the most recent requests.