Bioinformatics & Systems Biology - PhD


The Bioinformatics & Systems Biology (BISB) doctoral program covers a wide array of topics to address questions in biomedical research from novel algorithm development to the application of bioinformatics tools for knowledge discovery.  The research opportunities and curriculum in the BISB doctoral program are designed to meet the needs of students with formal training in biological and/or computational sciences.  Applicants with dual training in computational and life sciences will be given preference in admissions; however, those with strong credentials in only one area but who demonstrate some level of proficiency in the complementary area will also be considered.  Admitted students in the program will receive training (didactic coursework, journal clubs, focused workshops, etc.) in the complementary areas.  The expertise of the participating faculty members varies widely and includes different balances of wet lab research and pure computational research. Depending on the need, students have the option to choose co-mentors that provide bioinformatics or biological expertise, or students can work exclusively with one mentor that has bioinformatics expertise. Research projects use bioinformatics and systems biology to resolve important biological questions. 

The BISB program is jointly administered by faculty at UNMC and UNO, two sister campuses with diverse and complementary strengths in areas such as genomics, bioinformatics, computer science, mathematics, statistics, systems biology, etc. The two campuses offer a vibrant learning environment and rich research resources including supercomputers for high-throughput data analysis tasks. The average time to graduate with a PhD at UNMC is about 5 years.  Upon degree completion, students from the BISB doctoral program will be well-positioned for a variety of career paths in the rapidly growing field of bioinformatics and systems biology.


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Application Opens US Applicant Deadline International Applicant Deadline
October 1 May 15 March 15



Students are provided with stipend support of $31,500 USD (pre-tax) per year, throughout their PhD studies.

After the first year, students are encouraged to seek outside sources of stipend support by applying for fellowships, assistantships, and grants.  Students that obtain a federal or foundation grant may be eligible to receive an annual stipend supplement of up to 25% of the current level of stipend support.

Tuition and fees are waived for BISB PhD students.

Living and Housing Costs:
UNMC has limited on-campus housing and there are a variety of apartment complexes found within walking distance of campus. Within a short driving distance, there is a wide variety of housing options available in a range of prices; the average cost of monthly rent is $800 to $900 for a single bedroom apartment.

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