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Dr. Binhammer’s major activity in the department is teaching. Dr. Binhammer with studentsHe is co-director of the Structure and Development Core and director of the Neurosciences Core for M1 students. He is also an instructor in the human anatomy courses for PA and PT students, facilitator for PBL case studies in many M1 and M2 cores, director of senior electives in anatomy including writing of PBL cases, and instructor in neuro in a summer remediation program. His many awards, including those listed above, are evidence that his teaching efforts have been recognized by his peers as well as his students.


Dr. Binhammer has recently been involved in research on a newly described intrathecal ligament in the spinal canal. Probably derived from the denticulate ligament, it could tether some dorsal roots and might be involved in back pain experienced by astronauts in microgravity.

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Publications listed in PubMed

Selected Publications:

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