Gordon L. Todd, Ph.D.


Gordon L. Todd, Ph.D.Medical College of Georgia

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Dr. Todd is the Course Director of the Structure and Development of the Human Body Course for Physician Assistants and Physical Therapy students and a Summer Remedial Course in Gross Anatomy. He is the Co-Director of the Structure and Development of the Human Body Course for medical students and Laboratory Director for the Histology Course for medical students. In the Graduate College he is the Course Director of the graduate course in Fundamentals of Electron Microscopy and Assistant Course Director for the GCBA Teaching and Research Presentation Skills course.


In educational research Dr. Todd was instrumental in developing virtual microscopy for teaching and research applications. He was awarded a Nebraska Foundation Grant and obtained Alumni Association funds to acquire a microscope with motorized stage and software to create virtual microscope slides. The entire histology glass slide collection has been scanned and a complete course has been developed for medical student education.

Dr. Todd and studentsDr. Todd also developed a web-based Interactive Dissection Guide and was the director in acquiring funds from the College of Medicine and the Alumni Association to fully computerize the gross anatomy laboratory. Incorporation of this Dissecting Guide and a wide-variety of supplemental resources into the computers connected to video projectors at every table has created one of the finest gross anatomy teaching facilities in the entire country. He has presented various aspects of this project at annual meetings of the American Association of Anatomists and American Association of Clinical Anatomists.

In biomedical research Dr. Todd has been interested in the cardiovascular and histopathologic effects of catecholamines, cocaine and calcium channel blocking agents on the heart. He has also done extensive work on the light and electron microscopy of myocardial contraction band lesions. More recently he has been assisting with an electron microscopic study of dendritic cells in bone marrow and peripheral blood.

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