Yeong C. Kim, Ph.D.


Yeong C. Kim, Ph.D.Dept. of Genetics Cell Biology & Anatomy
College of Medicine, University of Nebraska Medical Center

B.S. in Biology, Yonsei University
M.S. in Biology, Yonsei University
M.S. in Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technology
Ph.D. in Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technology
Postdoctoral training in Bioinformatics, Northwestern University

Phone: 402-559-4640
Fax: 402-559-7328

Research Interest

My research area is computational cancer genomics using next-generation sequencing at the whole genome, exome, and transcriptome level. I am currently involved in studies of various cancers, such as familial breast cancer, colorectal cancer, leukemia, lung cancer, and other diseases such as diabetes. Previously, we developed a tag-based genome-wide mapping technique called DGS(Ditag Genome Scanning) that greatly facilitates identifying genetic aberrations and abnormalities in cancers and inherited diseases, at resolutions that were not easily detectable by using normal methods. In addition to finding cancer variations on coding regions, my current research focuses on applying next-generation sequencing analysis to study cancer mutations on non-coding and gene regulatory regions, especially promoters, and on developing algorithms and software tools for fully automated large-scale genomic data analysis to accelerate cancer genomics research.

Recent Publications

1. Angulo-Ibanez M, Rovira-Clave X, Granados-Jaen A, Downs B, Kim YC, Wang SM, Reina M, Espel E. (2015) Erk5 contributes to maintaining the balance of cellular nucleotide levels and erythropoiesis. Cell Cycle (in press).

2. Zhang Y, Huo W, Talmon G, Kim YC, Wang SM, Wang J. (2015) Pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase 4 mediates drug resistance in colorectal cancer. Oncotarget (in press).

3. Downs B, Kim YC, Xiao F, Snyder C, Chen P, Fleissner EA, Becirovic D, Wen H, Sherman S, Cowan KH, (2015) Two PALB2 germline mutations found in both BRCA1+ and BRCAx familial breast cancer. Breast Cancer Res Treat 151(1):219-24.

4. Wen H, Kim YC, Snyder C, Xiao F, Fleissner EA, Becirovic D, Luo J, Downs B, Sherman S, Cowan KH, Lynch H, Wang SM. (2014) Family-specific, novel, deleterious germline variants provide a rich resource to identify genetic predispositions for BRCAx familial breast cancer. BMC Cancer 14(1):470.

5. Xiao F, Kim YC, Snyder C, Wen H, Chen PX, Luo J, Becirovic D, Downs B, Cowan KH, Lynch H, Wang SM. (2014) Genome instability in blood cells of a BRCA1+ breast cancer family. BMC Cancer 14(1):342.

6. Xiao F, Kim YC, Wen H, Luo J, Chen PX, Cowan KH, Wang SM. (2013) The genome of polymorphonuclear neutrophils maintains normal coding sequences. PLoS One 8(11):e78685.

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* Underlined authors contributed equally.