James B. Turpen, Ph.D.


James B. Turpen, Ph.D.

Tulane University

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Dr. Turpen is principal investigator on the NE-INBRE project.

The INBRE project is designed to develop the state wide research infrastructure and to enhance the competitiveness of biomedical research in Nebraska by developing the human and technological resources essential for cutting edge research in functional genomics. The foundation of the project is a collaboration between eight undergraduate institutions, two community colleges and the three Ph.D. granting institutions located throughout the State. This collaboration is intended to develop a culture that recognizes and appreciates the value of biomedical research and provide opportunities to pursue such research at the cutting edge of current technologies.

The development of multidisciplinary research teams consisting of junior faculty members (INBRE Associates) and students (INBRE Scholars) is supported on each undergraduate campus. Research activities of INBRE Associates is strengthened by providing release time during the academic year, by providing salary support for summer research and by providing funding for updating essential equipment. Undergraduate students at each university are recruited to participate in a INBRE Scholars program. In addition to participating in research projects in the laboratories of the INBRE Associates, Scholars participate in an eight week workshop on Research Fundamentals, organized by mentors in the Training and Mentoring core and offered during the summer on the campuses of the three Ph.D. granting institutions. The workshops emphasize basic concepts and provide experience in bioinformatics and functional genomics. INBRE Scholars receive undergraduate research assistantships while they are participating in these workshops. Scholars also spend time in research laboratories located on the training campuses and are eligible to participate is supervised research during their second year in the program. The results of the research of these Scholars are presented at the annual meeting of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences. Successful Scholars will be offered graduate fellowships to pursue advanced degrees at one of the Ph.D. granting institutions in Nebraska.

In addition to support for INBRE Associates and INBRE Scholars, the project emphasizes the development of training opportunities in bioinformatics and functional genomics. State wide computing resources, in terms of hardware, software and expertise in information science, have been enhanced through the influx of NSF-EPSCoR funds, as well as resources from the University of Nebraska Foundation. INBRE funding further enhances bioinformatics by making these resources available to INBRE Associates and INBRE Scholars for in depth training in the field and the further development of a Ph.D. level specialty tract in bioinformatics. In addition to bioinformatics, INBRE funds enhance the development of cutting edge technologies in genomics and proteomics. Support of core laboratories, in these areas, make the technologies available on a no cost basis to investigators throughout the INBRE network.

Programmatic and budgetary oversight lies with the Administrative Core and the Principle Investigator. The activities of the Administrative Core are reviewed and advice is provided by the Steering Committee, the External Advisory Committee and the Facilities and Training Oversight Committees. The organizational structure of the INBRE project is diagrammatically shown below

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