Guda Lab

Research Overview

Our laboratory nurtures a wide range of research projects related to Genomics, Bioinformatics, Systems Biology and Personal Medicine. The major research projects in my laboratory can be grouped into three broad areas: (i) Development of novel algorithms for analyzing different types of biomolecular data, followed by experimental validation and development of software and web application tools; (ii) Building data analysis pipelines for processing a variety of high-throughput ‘omics’ datasets (ExomeSeq, RNASeq, ChIPseq, methylation data, miRNA arrays and proteomics data); and (iii) Cancer genomics projects that involve integrative data analysis of molecular data across large populations, identification of molecular subtypes of cancers and functional characterization of genes and gene products identified from these studies. Some of the current research projects in my lab include analysis of breast, pancreatic and glioblastoma cancer genomics data obtained from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) project, development of novel tools for detecting fusion genes and tumor heterogeneity, and metagenomic profiling of human microbiomes. 

From Left: Siddesh Southekal, Sujana Maddipati, Peng Xiao, Nagavardhini Avuthu, Sanjit Pandey, Sankarasubramanian Jagadesan, Nitish Mishra, Abrar Albahrani, Yuande Tan, Neetha Vellichiramma, Meng Niu, Duc Le,  Babu Guda

Lab Members:

Abrar Albahrani - PhD Student 
Babu Guda - Professor & Principle Investigator
Duc Le - Bioinformatics DatabaseSrv Administrator
Meng Niu - Bioinformatics Programmer
Nagavardhini Avuthu - PhD Student 
Neetha Vellichiramma - Instructor
Nitish Mishra - Instructor
Peng Xiao - Core Operational Director
Sanjit Pandey - Core Assistant Director/ PhD Student
Siddesh Southekal - PhD Student 
Sankarasubramanian Jagadesan - Post-Doctoral Associate
Sujana Maddipati - Student volunteer
Yuande Tan - Post-Doctoral Associate

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