Education Abroad

The Office of Global Engagement (OGE) is committed to engaging the UNMC campus community in a collective partnership to provide valuable and high-quality education abroad programming that creates global opportunities for our students.  Annually, over 100 UNMC students go abroad for global health experiences, ranging from one week to nine months.  UNMC students have participated in education abroad in all seven continents, including Antarctica. 

Education abroad by country in 2019 (% of whole; N=163)

Education Abroad by Country

Education abroad by type in 2019 (% of whole; N=163)

Education Abroad by Type

The OGE focuses on education abroad programming that intentionally aims to produce graduates who are intellectually and internationally engaged citizen-leaders who contribute to the well-being and sustainability of Nebraska and the world.  The OGE serves the students, faculty, and staff of UNMC through a variety of programs and services. 

Individual assistance is offered to students who wish to study or volunteer abroad.  Services include the following: information on medical/health electives and programs offered in dozens of sites around the world, information on travel insurance, information on financial assistance, assistance in selecting an appropriate program, assistance in correspondence/application arrangements, and pre-departure orientation information.

How can students be globally engaged?