Global Ambassador Program

UNMC’s Global Ambassador program was designed to provide peer-to-peer support and practical information about being a student at UNMC and living in Omaha. Ambassadors and new international students are partnered together based on provided registration information. Partner communications begin several weeks before coming to Omaha, Nebraska, USA, and continue across the first several weeks of the fall semester.

A global ambassador acts as a preliminary source of practical information to help the new-to-the-US international student transition into their new community.

This year, in addition to the one-on-one contact with the ambassador, we will also be hosting Zoom meetings, which will provide an opportunity for the incoming students to ask a variety of questions of staff and students. 

Please feel free to contact Lenal Bottoms at if you have questions about the program.

Requesting a Global Ambassador

If you are a NEWLY ADMITTED INTERNATIONAL STUDENT who wishes to have an Ambassador partner, please complete the International Student Registration and the International Student Agreement Form.  Email the form to Lenal Bottoms.  Detailed instructions are included in the forms.  

Becoming a Global Ambassador

If you want to become an ambassador, please complete the Global Ambassador Registration and the Ambassador Agreement Form.  Email the form to Lenal Bottoms.