Joint Research Training Program

PhD candidates who have completed required coursework in China will train and spend 1 to 2 years performing research projects supported by a principal investigator at UNMC, then return to their Chinese university for their thesis defense and PhD degree award.

Application process  

Deadline to submit the following materials to UNMC: January 1.

  1. Indicate your intent to apply by filling out the  Pre-Application Form.
  2. Look at the following websites to find a PI. Once you find a PI, you must initiate contact with them to begin the application process.
    1. Pharmaceutical Sciences
    2. Public Health
    3. All other areas
  3. A signed sponsor letter from the PI you have chosen
  4. At least three letters of recommendation (one of the references may be from your current advisor). These letters must be sent to us by the references separately, not by the student.
  5. Narrative of Goals
  6. Official transcripts
  7. Official Degree Statement (of completed degrees)

GRE & TOEFL scores are OPTIONAL, not required