Doctor of Medicine Program

UNMC is not accepting applications for the CSC MD program for Fall 2021. We will start accepting applications for Fall 2022 beginning in August 2021. Please contact us with any questions.


UNMC College of Medicine prepares medical degree students to meet the health care needs of patients through clinical practice, biomedical science and research, problem solving and compassion.

Our unique approach exposes students to a mix of basic science and clinical material presented in core subjects instead of the traditional presentation by department (e.g. anatomy, biochemistry, etc.). This allows students to grasp the connectedness of the physical systems.

In addition to large lectures, students benefit from small group learning sessions where they examine patient scenarios, discuss a variety of relevant topics and practice their clinical skills on patient simulators. Students can participate in additional programs, which provide in-depth study in a selected area of medicine.

Students who complete the requirements for the medical degree typically stay in the United States to complete residency training. However, doing so requires special approval from the China Scholarship Council. Furthermore, this is limited to the field of primary care (family medicine, internal medicine, and pediatrics) because of the purpose of this program and the time restrictions CSC places on post-award training.

Our goal for the UNMC-CSC medical degree program is to train future leaders in primary care for China.