Program Application Process

UNMC is not accepting applications for the MD program for Fall 2021. We will start accepting applications for Fall 2022 beginning in August 2021. Please contact us with any questions.

Step 1: Know the deadline  

All application materials are due October 1. MCAT scores are due October 15.

Step 2: Know the requirements  

The College of Medicine has certain coursework and laboratory requirements for the MD Program:

Step 3: Application process  

  1. Notify the following of your intent to apply before September 15:
  1. Send the following via email to the College of Medicine before October 1:
  1. The following items must be sent officially by your institution to the address below before October 1:

University of Nebraska College of Medicine
Office of Admissions and Student Affairs
985527 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, Nebraska 68198-5527 

  1. Submit MCAT (MEDICAL COLLEGE ADMISSION TEST) scores to UNMC (at the above address) by October 15.
  1. Top candidates will be notified and have a face to face interview in October in Shanghai, China
  2. Demonstrate Adequate Program Funding and Complete Online Application

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